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A Physicist's Monologue

by Phil Puleo

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It’s interesting to me, what I do with these sort of conversations, I compare the way people react to what I’m trying to show them. You, you’re calm, you take it in, I can see that you’re actually kind of going forward with it? A lot of times, what I’ve discovered, is that most people they’re like hermit crabs, you know, the instant this stuff starts floating around *SHOOMP* into the shell. What you find, what I found, talking to various people, including a whole bunch of scientists, is that not only that... A. they don’t know. They simply don’t know what I’m trying to tell them and B. They get a little scared. Because know one likes being taken out of their comfort zone.
Let me give you one example. This was actually one of my earlier examples. About back in the 19th century mound builders from Ohio and Michigan and Illinois, ever hear of the mound building culture? What they were calling burial mounds, except that there were never any bones found in these mounds. What was found instead was these artifacts. All right, I saw, i actually saw, again, i actually... In my archives somewhere...fuck (chuckles)... I’ve got a photograph and actually a whole series of photographs of some of these objects are basically in display in a small museum. Well what happened in the 19th century farmers were finding these things by the bucket loads. There was a guy from... this was a mormon archeologist. Who went around systematically buying this all up, Discrediting. Destroying ya know however he could he’d get a hold of these things and then *SHOOP* into the black hole. Why did he do it? Where did they go??? They all went to the Smithsonian. Like I said the Smithsonian was serving as a black hole including for these giant skeletons that were popping up here and there. They all went to the Smithsonian. So at that point... I mean you know, I don’t know ya know. All you’re left with today is the efforts of various people, ya know ya know again sitting on evidence. What the hell for? What does that mean? I don’t care.
Is this a normal human skull. Now, the question becomes "Is this an abnormal human skull?" This is a very bizarre skull. The idea is that this could be a hybrid skull. It could be a hybrid between human and something else. And there's a guy who has been basically he's um, he has been keeping and guarding this skull and he is attempting to get it genetically tested right now. Actually he's already released some of his results. At every point, obstacles keep getting put in front of him. You could do genetic testing. Thats very expensive.......... In a normal world these resources would be available. And I'm sure Phil in the "hidden world" the world of the trillion dollar defense budgets we're never told about... I would bet any amount to you that people have gone down there and done DNA testing it's just that we're never going to hear about the results yet. The reason why it's not being explored is because theres' a secret there if that secret was unearthed it would directly link with all the other (inaudible) nonsense and show show us that we don't know jack about, ya know, "What we are?", What are we doing here?".
Speaking from a sort of gut feeling accumulated over several decades of experiences with this crap... ya know, I'm very much tired of thinking about it because it just makes you crazy. What if this was true... what if? I don't know. It's some sort of disease that's infecting our psyches and its just spinning everywhere you look. It doesn't matter the field, physics for example, I'm sure that we're missing something absolutely fundamental from electromagnetics. And um, I'm not alone on this. Ya know the freaky things that happen in our world. As if we're being taunted. This is very annoying to me. "Am I crazy? Because I know I saved this". Because you know thats what I do when I come across stuff like this, I save it as a matter of course. And it just makes me nervous Phil. Because you know, it's infecting everything everything everything.
Once you start understanding that gold foil has been activated by sitting, ya know, next to a cold fusion experiment. You have no, as a physicist, you have no excuse anymore for not being interested. Why was this sat on? "Oh the government forced me to'" But then why... Well if the government was forcing you then why did you dribbling out hints in dribs and drabs...I don't know. If I can understand, little old me, with my limited resources then this man with his army of physicists...This man must know that he's lying. He must know! He can't claim ignorance. He did so much damage, it's incalculable. I not really so special ya know? I'm just a, ya know, run-of-the-mill physicist. Why the hell do I... Why can I understand all this stuff and understand.... I know enough to know that I can't be wrong.
We live in this sort of bubble where all these things bubble up and we just pretend that it doesn't exist. That and their sitting on the evidence means that they have an agenda for the timetable of it's release, alright. I don't know the only way I can think about what it means is again is this timeline. But that is a theory. I acknowledge that. it's just a theory. Maybe it's even wrong to call it a theory maybe you should call it a hypothesis. Ya know in this timeline looking at Cold fusion for example. Cold Fusion when it came out... it's been puttering around, I call it, I've termed it This was OMG. I've known about this for a very long time. I began calling it "The underground stream" People had recipes. That were beginning to surface. Getting enormous power out of these systems. At that point what should have happened is that the scientific world should have gone into an uproar. Because what you have this new form of some sort of nuclear reactions being generated out of what seemed to be pure chemistry. That's exactly what I've been saying to everyone around me for, for, how many years now? We are, ya know, there is some very carefully scripted script. Does it prove anything, no. I don't think it's dismissible as a ya know, instantly dismissible, as a sort of impossible concept because it fits those facts very... And let me give you that final example. The only theory that I even bother to give any amount or credence. I don't even bother thinking about it anymore because it bugs me.


Oneway conversation with a physicist & conspiracy theorist.
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released August 7, 2020

Phil Puleo: live and virtual instruments, orchestration & production
Anonymous: Voice


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Phil Puleo Chicago, Illinois

Drummer/ Multi Instruments.
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